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According to us, future lies in having time to enjoy amazing landscapes like these

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For us, technology is a tool:
1. to create simplification
2. to eliminate non-value added processes
3. to optimize all available resources


For us, creativity is a way of seeing the world:
1. to propose a new point of view
2. to reverse the patterns and apply for a change
3. to simplify what appears complex


For us the organization is to find a balance:
1. to improve the present
2. to lay the foundations for the future
3. to have time to think and act

About Us

XTO is a network  created intentionally unstructured and flexible,

connected to many emerging and established professional companies,

artists, foreground freelances,

 communication specialists , marketing organization and corporate finance.

The inter-connection of the group allows you

to find unconventional solutions with exceptional smartness.

Our Vision

“Fly or Fall”

  • Methodological Approach

    Analyze the company in terms of management and organizational measures to identify practical solutions to real needs, re-using internal processes and tools where possible, and developing newone where necessary.

  • 🎯


    Help customers reduce its operating costs by investing in innovation and functional reorganization through technology, intelligence and thoughtful strategy.

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    XTO has over 25 + Professional Profiles INSIDE, including consultants and small companies, all linked to each other and able to work at the highest levels.
    XTO actively collaborates with several spin-off or recognized researchers of the most important Italian universities, such as:
    University of Siena, University of Bologna, CNR of Pisa
    with whom they develop innovative and intelligent solutions to be applied especially in the field of IT, Robotics and NFC / RFID.

  • Assets

    PeopleKnow HowContinuous ResearchNetworking  / SharingPassion for innovationGood Sense

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